Monday, July 12, 2010

My boys

This is Joshua He is fearless
He is tall
He is funny
He is smart
He is a gift from God

This is Tyler
He is mischievous
He is musical
He is funny
He is smart
He is a gift from God!

Joshua will be 16 in October. He will begin his Sophomore year at CAA this fall. This summer he flew by himself from Orlando to Nashville to work for a week at his Aunt and Uncle's ranch. He is growing up. Some days he loves me and some days he would rather not have a mother.... I guess this is the process of growing up. I can't believe how soon he will be gone....

Tyler will officially become a teenager in August. He is the sneaky one. I constantly think of him as my baby. He's the little brother. He's still shorter than me. He likes to stay home. But lately, I've been realizing he is growing up too! He will begin 8th grade this fall! He thinks his dad is cooler than his mom. Sigh...I guess this is the normal progression for boys. I use to be the parent they always wanted but now its dad. He's the cool one. I'm handy when they are hungry or need their clothes washed but dad is just the cool one these days..

I didn't want girls. I got exactly what I wanted. Two boys

Boys will break your heart and then fix it with just one hug!

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  1. Yes. They are growing up fast. We are very blest by them. You always wonder how your kids will turn out. I've got a good feeling about these two!