Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So something really interesting/exciting/completely unexpected happened yesterday..... Oh, I was so skinny then! Why do our bodies have to rebel against us??

Lovely, puffy blue coat. I remember this coat. Since I had zero body fat I could get away with wearing it. Today I would look like a Pillsbury dough boy in his prison blues....

Ah, we are so cute! I have no idea what we are all dressed up for? Jo looks taller than me here!

I'm sure I don't have to point out that we were the hotties of Meadow Glade! ;)

Why do I pick short friends? They only make me feel tall!!!! I honestly miss the days of my flat chest....

Thank goodness for John Mark! The one guy in all the land who was taller than me and a nice guy!

Hmmm, there are some pictures my kids shouldn't see...While this is not me getting a ticket (I'm taking the pic) he had just finished with me...But then it got worse. We snuck away from school and drove two hours to Astoria for our court date without telling our adults....I will kill my kid if he pulls these stunts!

In my defense it was my friends who were the bad influence.... ;)

Then we all "grew up" and got married. I am barely 20 in this picture. I felt like an adult. I"m telling my kids right now, they don't know anything at 20! 20 is way too young!

Cougar Trail while I was volunteering at Outdoor School. I've never been so muddy in all my life! The guy standing to my left Tim, yes, the short guy, was apparently very impressed by my abilities because later, after I had spent an hour in the shower scraping mud out of my hair, he ambushed me with a kiss. I truly didn't see it coming, maybe because I was looking over his head...hmmm. Guys if you want a kiss ask first!
My very first kiss was much the same way....short guy, didn't see it coming, ambushed! Not what I had hoped for. And where were the tall, gorgeous men on my volleyball calendar and why weren't they wanting to ambush me???

As you can see there were plenty of short girls to ambush....
Don't we all look pretty! Janice and Jo had each made their dresses. Mine is a gunne sax or however you spell it. I was very excited and felt very pretty in it! (It strangely looks a lot like my future wedding dress!)
Ok, so I haven't forgotten about the teaser I began with. I did have a call out of the blue yesterday! Absolutely did not see it coming. I have a meeting in a few minuets. I really can't share the details today. Hopefully tomorrow!

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