Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lake Time

Finally we have taken the boat out! July 7! Usually by this time we have had the boat out many times. It was hot! and the water was cold! This is Ty contemplating putting his big toe in the frigid water. He will later jump in, without a shorty!! These boys are nuts!

Mt. Saint Helen's watches over "our" lake. She also provides all the water...yep that's melted snow....we are hardy people out here in the NW!

Josh and his friend on a tube. This a good and safe way to play "in" the water without getting wet...unless I'm driving :)

Ty is obsessed with his hair. After several hours on the lake and a few jumps into freezing cold water followed by a blow dry while driving around on the lake, he thinks he has achieved the perfect hair do. Why can't it look like this at home? He whines...

I whine, "Why don't you like it short?"

He's just too cool! He is so much help! When we bought the boat 5 or so years ago I was determined to learn to put it in, take it out, etc so we could go out when my poor husband is at work. No way I was sitting at home on 90 degree days!

I am so thankful to be able to load up and drive 30 min and be at "our" lake. I do wish we had a house on the edge of the lake, but 30 min isn't so bad :)


We hurried home and got all cleaned up and headed into Portland to watch Lion King. I have wanted to see this play for years. I was not disappointed! The costumes, the singing, the movement of the actors all amazing! So much fun. I even caught my two teenagers enjoying themselves!


Jeff had another interview yesterday. Dead end....Is it time to worry?

No, I'm going to the beach today!

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