Friday, July 2, 2010


Wisteria. I love climbing flowers! I love the way they meander around the trellis and then cascade off.

My favorite flower. It's not easy picking a favorite flower...they are all wonderful!

Flowers make me happy :)

I love there sunny disposition and there willingness to just sit still and be photographed!

I love how they hold a drop of water on a petal..

I love how some turn during the day, keeping their faces to the sun

I love the vivid color

I love the contrast with the flower and the green stalk

Flowers make me happy and I hope they make you happy as well!

I will be spending time this week making sure my flowers stay watered. We are expecting our first heatwave of the season! They say upper 80s today and then on into the 90s!
My flowers and I are not excited about the heat :( we prefer 82 maybe 83 but beyond that it's just too hot!

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