Friday, July 23, 2010


Things are growing in my garden!!! I can't wait for these babies to rippen up!

The most exciting thing I found was my first baby pumpkin!!!! I love growing pumpkins!

Yesterday I left the house at 10 to run some errands...

I came home at 12:00

My boys were still in bed!!!!
Really? I don't understand?
Last night I told them they had to be up by 10!

Really? They said "I don't understand"

I told they don't have to understand just do it!
I guess I'm just old and cranky these days but good grief get out of bed!

Jeff is settling into his new office at Providence and very thankful for his faster, less stressful commute! He will be flying down to Medford once a week for one night. He likes the adventure in it. I prefer him home with me each night....

Josh, works some, plays soccer some and then complains of being exhausted the rest of the time. I fear he is growing again...

Ty has picked back up with his guitar teacher. Tim Ellis is an excellent teacher. I drive 40 min into Portland for these lessons but they are so worth it! I've been noticing dark hair on my babys upper lip...could it be????

Jeff and I went and played racquetball last night. As I was heaving myself around the court I tried not to think of how much more I weigh than last time I had played this sport!

Back in the day I was known for my skills. I could beat the boys! And I did. I should have let them win...they always got so bent out of shape! babies!

Except my Bible teacher, man he could play! I would beat everyone else and then he would accept my challenge to play....and he would crush me!! It was so frustrating! It was my lesson in humility...

I surprised myself at how quickly my swing and "moves" on the court came back to me. I won the first game! 17-21! I was so excited! I was so tired! Here was something that my husband didn't crush me at!

I was feeling cocky! I said lets play another to 10. I shouldn't have...

He crushed me! 10-3...........

I need to learn to stop when I'm ahead!

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