Monday, July 26, 2010

Fruit Loop

This weekend Jeff and I found ourselves with some unexpected alone time! What to do??? Forecast said in the 90s which meant EVERYONE would head to the lake or the beach (which is where are boys were. One at the lake, one at the beach) So we decided to take the opportunity to do something we would enjoy. Imagine that! No whining from the back seat! Eat exotic food! oh the freedom! So we decided to head to Hood River and do the Fruit Loop. Neither of us had ever done it before... The views from the Hood River Valley are stunning! Many of the farms we stopped at had unbelievable views! Here is Mt. Adams.

I have always secretly dreamed of being a farmer...

This farm..the one that grows sunflowers and pumpkins...two of my favorite things is for sale!!! She was trying to sell it to me and making some progress when my husband drug me back to the car. "What??" I said. "I was willing to move to Florida for you and you won't move to Hood River for me??" "I could make a fortune selling pumpkins!"

He wasn't convinced....

This is the view of Mt. Adams from "my farm" if you turned your head to the left you would see Mt. Hood looming over the property. Amazing!

Cute chairs. I took 5 or so pics of these chairs and I don't think a single one captured them as I hoped :(

A lavender farm with an amazing house! Look out the front windows and Mt. Adams is straight ahead. Look out the back windows and there towering over your fields of lavender is Mt. Hood! So incredible!

So much gorgeous scenery! And yummy fruit to eat! We enjoyed delicious cherries! So fat and red and juicy! Yum...wish I had taken a picture of them.

A really nice woman volunteered to cut us a peach. We smiled and said yes please...she promptly sliced into her was grouse! Blood squirting across the table and on the peaches. We then politely declined..... (actually we asked if she was OK, blood makes me sick so it was on a polite inquiry since I knew I would be incapable of lending any real assistance...yuk! Hope she's OK....)

Here's a view for you. Sitting on the swing watching Mt. Hood....

It was a hot day! After the Fruit Loop we headed down to the river and went for a swim in the mighty Columbia.

Such a great day to spend with my man. Its good to have time to each other. Can't wait until the next opportunity...

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  1. Cute! LOVE the pic of the house with all the lavender! I WANT IT!