Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now what??

Teddy Rose She is also very happy we are not moving to Florida
Ty and Grandpa on Frog Lake

Ty and Mr. Rainbow trout

I love the NW!!

Happy July! Florida is off the table!

Whew!!!!! What was that all about?? I often wonder that question when I have gone through something like this.

What was it supposed to teach me? If it was patience, it didn't work!

I had been preparing myself for months for what I thought was the inevitable. When I began this blog I really thought it would be a record of our journey to Florida and our attempts to uproot and replant ourselves across the country.

I'm so relieved. I'm so happy I planted my baby garden!!

Jeff spoke with another perspective employer this morning. He is setting up and interview for next week. It is a local job with a much nicer 205 commute.

We don't know what the job is...why can't these things be asked? I asked my husband, who if you look up the words laid back or patient you would find his picture.
Which usually works in my favor except in situations like this. I remind myself he is the business man with a very successful career and many years of experience and yet, there are so many times when I think my way would be better!

My family/friends are so happy we are staying (well except a few who live in the south. I love you guys! You could always move this way!) It is true that you appreciate what you have more when you think you are going to lose it.

I'm going to appreciate our lives here more. Focus on the positive and go dig in my dirt! (they only have sand in Florida!)

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