Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Traveling is a passion of mine. The desire in me to go somewhere new is always present. I have been very blessed with opportunities to travel around a good portion of the US and several countries.
Well, let me be more specific, I actually don't care much for the traveling part....I would love to have a transporter like on Star Trek to zap me to my next location. I really don't enjoy the long plane rides, the motion sickness (although I do believe I've found a cure! Cotton in the ear! Try it it works) I'm so impatient to get to my destination that I really struggle with enjoying the journey.
Then once I'm there I wear myself out going, going, because I'm afraid I'll never get to come back and I will miss something.

Traveling comes in all distances and in all purposes
Jo and I near the Santa Monica pier in Ca. I flew down to attend an Art Wolfe photography seminar and she was awesome! Chauffeuring me around and being my tour guide! Jo has traveled more than any of my friends. I have envied her passport stamps for years!!!

In March I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Peru. This is me standing near the Andie Mountains. My mom came with me and I have to say it was one of my most amazing travel experiences! Once I got over being the TALLEST person in the entire country!
P.S. The Giardia I brought home with me was NOT fun!

I have just thrown a coin into the Trevi fountain. Legend says that if you do this you are bound to return to Rome. I really hope it works! I had a fast but free 3 days in Rome a few years ago. There are perks to being a teacher! While I was there we squeezed in the Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, St. Peter's Cathedral, Sistine Chapel, Catacombs, Pasta.
It was in Rome where I got the most lost of my life!

Le Mont St Michel - Loved, loved, loved it! All my childhood fantasies of a castle by the sea are found here. Amazing place!

I'm standing on top of the Arch de Triump in Paris. I've had the opportunity to travel to Paris twice. I would like the opportunity to go back without a pack of teenagers :)

As a family we have been blessed with many opportunities to take family vacations. Here are my "little" boys and I at Yosemite. We loved this place and I think it might be my favorite national park. Getting to see a bear while we were there was the icing on the cake!

Snorkeling in Maui. Our all time favorite vacation! Thanks to Uncle Chris and his amazing condo we spent an unforgettable week on the island. We had so much fun boogie boarding, snorkeling and exploring! We are all hoping to do this again!

Last summer we borrowed my parent's RV and road tripped around the SW. We visited Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Amazing!

Ty is not what you would call a "happy hiker" I'm sure some day he will appreciate it! :)

We were excited to take the kids to DC. Ty was especially enthusiastic about seeing our nations capitol.
While we were helping out with Katrina cleanup we made a quick drive across the Mississippi boarder because it was a state I had never visited. Not the first time we have done that :)

Jeff and I spent a week in New Orleans, St Bernard Parrish cleaning up. It was an amazing experience! And can I just say I look amazing in that mask!!!

Here we are in Slovakia! We literally drove through here on Easter day. Everything was closed. We couldn't buy a thing. It was really cool to pass by the churches with their candles lit and people walking towards their services.
As a kid one of the things I wanted most was my own passport full of stamps. Literally 2 months before crossing the boarders of Poland, Hungry, Slovakia they stopped doing boarder checks :( so no stamps
I'm standing at the the gates of Auschwitz. Amazing. I'm glad I went but I never want to go again....

Prague!!!! My family background is Czech. I have wanted to see Prague all my life. It was amazing. Jeff took me in a carriage ride one night over the cobble stones of the old town. I am dying to return!
Brandenburg Gate!
Who knew Mr. Potato Head was on the Berlin Wall???? He does look a bit communist here! I was amazed at how much graffiti was on the wall!

I have visited 15 counties and 44 US States.
There is so much more to see! I hope to travel for the rest of my life.

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