Friday, July 9, 2010

Beach Day

So 90+ degrees in the Willamette Valley is just tooooo hot for me! Time for the beach! I called my mom and we took the boys + one to Seaside for the day. There was one other time years ago when a friend and I headed to the beach on a hot, hot day. We were greeted with gale force winds and cowered in our cars until ultimately heading right back home. Happily that is not how this day went! We laid our our blankets and the boys immediately commenced a fierce bocci ball game

Lots of precision throwing and intense discussion. But unlike Wimbledon no grunting :)

I wonder if anyone has completed studies on his generation. I'm certain they will be all hard of hearing and have vision issues by the time they are 40 because of those stupid electronics! Can you find a teenager walking around today who isn't plugged in?

It's my fault I realize. I'm the parent and I have allowed this. In my defense I do make them take them off before entering the water :) So see I care

Beach feet. The dryness, the cracking. My poor feet. They are so abused in the summer. Oh well..,,,

It was over cast and in the low 60s when we arrived at Seaside. There was only a light breeze blowing so it was very nice on the beach. Then the clouds parted and blue was present! It was a gorgeous day on the beach! I enjoyed chatting with my mom, reading, watching the boys dig a hole...

My view while laying down with my book (the book thief...getting near the end) There were a ton of people at the beach! But I love how big the beach is! We still had lots of space to ourselves

Can't go to the beach without a bucket!

Ty's friend Austin and Ty's nostril....digging a hole

Josh also digging a hole....I don't get it...but it makes them happy and it gave me peaceful book reading time so I'm not fretting!

I believe my mom enjoyed herself as well

In our time at the beach we squeezed in; beach lounging, bocci ball, soft ball, hole digging, beach walking, arcade playing, shop strolling, eating, people watching, pig 'n pancake and bumper cars!
A fun and successful day! I wish I had a house on the beach. I would live there happily, until I wanted to go to my lake house our my ski chalet....

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