Friday, July 16, 2010


Summer has always been a challenge for me.... I can't wait for it to get here...then I wonder how I will I keep two boys active/busy every day....

How do I compete with video games and TV? They are constantly calling out to my boys and I'm constantly saying "turn off the electronics and go outside!" That's one of the reasons why I liked "To Kill A Mokingbird" so much. Those kids knew how to play outside! They wouldn't be caught dead inside on a nice day! Sigh.............
When I do get them out and going they have fun but there is no self motivation on their part!
We usually get to go on a vacation which is always the highlight. But they only last a week or if we are really lucky two and then what...

This summer we had an unexpected paid trip to Florida. It was awesome to see friends and try new things with the boys!

We live in an amazing place with lots of beautiful parks.
Wednesday evening rather than fight rush hour traffic on the way home from Tree to Tree Adventure Park, we decided to meet dad after work and stay in Portland and have a picnic dinner. The weather was perfect! We stopped at a deli and ordered our grub, laid a blanket out in this park, which is the lesser known lower part of Washington Park and enjoyed our meal.

When the kids were little they used to play in this fountain. I can still see them running around splashing in their diapers....sign, they are so big now!

After dinner we walked past the water reservoir and up to the Rose Gardens which were in full bloom! Gorgeous! Have I mentioned how much I love the NW!!!!

It's July 16 and so far this summer we have traveled to Florida, had a beach day, gone out on the boat, experienced Tree to Tree, organized play dates, watched movies, gone for hikes, had a 4th of July party and there are still 6 weeks left! 6 weeks of competing with the electronics...

It will be fun/challenge filling them up.

Today however is chore day. Groceries, laundry, dusting, scrubbing. Oh, the fun we will have!

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