Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Weekends

Summer weekends can be crazy busy. But in a good way....

Here's a recap or our weekend. The pics are a bit out of order but who cares! I'm having a hard time with the limitations of this blog. I want to be able to click and drag the pics where I want them but so far I can't figure that out. So we will begin with an anniversary party....

50 years of marriage for Anne and Larry! Beautiful! Jeff and I were happy to celebrate with them Sunday afternoon. What an amazing inspiration! Jeff's grandparents celebrated their 70th....yes you read that right 70th anniversary in Feb! Makes my 21.5 feel like nothing! ;) When Jeff and I celebrate our 70th I will be 90 years old! I'm not sure how I feel about that....

My beautiful niece celebrated her 6th birthday! We gathered in a park in Battle Ground and had a great time decorating cupcakes, whacking pinatas and watching the girls play in the fountain

Oh, the joy! This is the kind of enthusiasm we need to recapture!

How can she be 6 already????

My youngest niece Payton. She instinctively knew exactly what to do when that pinata broke open. She was scooping candy up with the best of them!

Saturday at 5:00 we suddenly decided we wanted to go to the lake. We had Mom and Rod along threw some food in a cooler and we were putting in by 5:45. It was gorgeous! We ran into good friends and had a great time visiting, floating and swimming (well I didn't swim the water is only 69.9 brrrrrrrrrrr!)

Our friends pulled Josh for a run so I was able to get some great pics of him whizzing by!

He makes it look so easy! He was hurting and exhausted by the time we got home and whined all Sunday about how sore he was....until it was time to play soccer...then he was all better...hmmmm

He loves, loves, the water. Not into wake boarding yet...but loves being on the boat and in the water.
My favorite time on the lake is the evening. Everyone is going home, the water is usually smoothing out, the sun is setting and I swear the water gets a bit warmer. I absolutely love it!

I love this picture. To me it is the essence of summer

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