Thursday, September 23, 2010

70th post!

Wow! I have done this 70 times! And for at least 60 of them I have really wondered what I would blog about next...And would anyone read it...and would anyone be amused...and does anyone really care??? And will anyone notice my terrible punctuation and dangling participles and incomplete sentences???

Never has an English teacher ever told me I had written something well.  So its preposterous that I should be writing a blog.  But I find it a nice outlet and I'm needy...and I've told myself that the poor punctuation and the horrible sentence structure will be overlooked.  Please overlook it...

As mentioned earlier, I'm needy.  I'm also sensitive and desperately need feedback.  So I am constantly pestering my dear husband to read my blog and tell me what he thinks.  Then I ask my mom...Mom's are so great and supportive and encouraging...I hope I'm not really embarrassing her ;)

Sorry, love me or leave me :)

As I read back over my blogs I find a few, very few, that I think are funny, cleaver, or amusing...Here's a list of some of my favorites.

  • The first posts about Florida.  I think back and realize I was 99% sure we would be moving and this blog would be about the process and keeping in touch with my dear friends in the NW.  Now I look at it and wonder what the heck was that about?

  • My Travel post.  Just because I love to travel and its fun to look back at some of those trips

  • The Animal in me  I thought it was cleaver and fun...didn't get a single comment ;)

  • Fearless because I love that in my kids!

  • Solo my three day blog on my weekend alone

  • Battle Ground Night Court I think its hilarious!

  • Lovin Fall Because I got 4 comments on it! The most ever!

I continue to be frustrated with the formatting for my blog.  I think Suzanne's blog is lovely!  Her pictures look amazing and I can't wait until we can get together and she can teach me.  I need to be taught!

Since beginning my blog I have been committed to writing something every week day.  I have kept that commitment until tomorrow...Today I am headed off to Bible Conference with CAA.  It is a lovely location with the exception that it is cut off from the outside world.  Which is good when having to monitor teenagers, but not good if you want to keep in touch with your husband.  Especially because he could be, potentially, getting a phone call regarding that job we have been waiting to hear about.  They said they would call this week...  Wanna take bets on the call comes just after I cross into the "dead zone" ;)  Pray hard friends!

So I will leave you with some shots from Josh's game last night

He made it through another game with out any injuries to the face

He looks relieved :)

So I will update you again on Monday.  Thanks for reading, commenting either here, on the blog, or when we talk. But most of all thanks for over looking the horrible grammar :) and thanks for ,being my friend!



  1. I love reading your and the pioneer woman! I always feel a little funny commenting, like you might think I'm a stalker which is an odd way to feel since you ARE writing a BLOG for people to read. I LOVED your fearless post and the night court one. Guess I should have told you that at the time.

  2. You, my friend, are silly. I love you dearly.

  3. So which of my several Janet friends are you? :)

  4. comment #4 for this post.... :)

    LOVE that you finally got your photos in the larger size... sometime this week we WILL get together!

    awesome job... and I love reading your posts... they are hilarious and insightful.. and you have great photos! :)

    And on another note... I am super happy you are not writing from Florida.