Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am truly from the NW because the rain doesn't bother me.
Not only doesn't it bother me, I miss it when it doesn't show up for long stretches
And I'm excited when it does show up.

There are times I don't want it to rain...like when I'm trying to plant my garden
or when I have an outdoor event...

but you won't hear me whining about the gorgeous NW weather.
I especially love a rainy day when I have to be teaching in the classroom.
That's perfect teaching weather!

I remember playing in the rain when I was a kid. The wetter and muddier we got the more fun it was...

I'm glad this Monday is actually a Tuesday that means the week will fly by and I will be constantly reminding myself of what day is it??

Today I will be giving my class their first test :) Which means I will be giving my son his first test :) Should be interesting...

Enjoy the rain!

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  1. I love the rain too! But 1st soccer game of the season in the rain today!! I packed my umbrella!