Monday, September 27, 2010

The middle of nowhere...

So I have spent the last 3 days in the middle of nowhere with 350 teenagers...
It's one of the unique opportunities while teaching at a Christian high school...

When I say the middle of "nowhere" I mean the outskirts of Antelope, Oregon
Never heard of it? I'm not surprised.  I would like to emphasise it is the "outskirts" of Antelope!

It is an amazing oasis once you get there and a curvy road that snakes its way down into a valley.  It took my car sickness about an hour to subside before I could lift my head up and enjoy the scenery

I'm not really a desert girl...In fact, if the place we stayed didn't come with a swimming pool, some air conditioned spaces and ice cream I wouldn't go

This is the view from the top of communication hill.  I climbed to the top of this very steep hill to watch the sunrise.  It gives a nice view of Washington Family Ranch, which is where we stayed.  If you look closely you can see the pool, and gym, cafeteria.  It really is this amazing oasis in the middle of nothingness.  It was a really steep climb at shins still hurt!

I found camp to be very peaceful early in the morning.

The grass looks greener in the middle of the desert

It was a great weekend.  We really are blessed with great teenagers! I will write more about the kids tomorrow.


  1. Looks lovely. No wonder the wackadoodles liked it there back in the 80's.