Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh yea....

I'm tired
I'm cranky
I'm too busy

I was spoiled last year

This week I have finally felt it.

I kept patting myself on the back, for staying on top of things. Laundry was getting done, I was overly prepared for classes, my socks had been matching...

Then this week hit.

First soccer game.
First test
Youth meetings
Soccer parent meetings
Subbing on my day off...
Car having to go to the shop...which resulted in me walking to work in the rain (that was ok, the bill was NOT ok)

laundry is piling up....
I didn't feed my family last night...

On Tue I gave my first Global Studies test... 31 students x 6 pages each = 186 pages

I also had them turn in a 3 page wkst 3x31 = 93 pages

and I had them write a one page reaction to some articles 31x1 = 31

Total 310 pages I need to grade

I've finished the test....

How quickly it all falls apart...

I was just reminded I'm supposed to teach youth ss this week...

I have a Power Point I need to finish for class and a quiz to write which I will then need to grade...It's a vicious cycle!

I honestly don't know how mom's work full time! My hat is off to you! I am feeling like such a wimp!

I hope to find my balance between work and home soon or my family will starve and be walking around naked because they can't find any clean clothes....

I'm wishing you a balanced day!