Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's a new month. I love a new month. I always have. I don't really know why...
September is a especially nice month.

There are birthdays to celebrate. Lots of birthdays...
First there is Judy, then my friend LeShel and Mrs. Waters and then mine followed by my birthday buddy Jeff and then my moms, and that's all in the first 8 days of the month
Which means gifts and cake :)

I love yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting.... yummm!
Is it time for cake???

The other thing I absolutely love about September is soccer!!!!
Lots and lots of soccer games to watch!
I absolutely love being a soccer mom!

I have two soccer players on two different teams.

Go Mustangs!
Go Kodiaks!

I love being a soccer mom!
I have a new umbrella for this season...It's huge! With flaps on the side so friends can huddle under it with me
But I'm sure we won't need it...
I love a crisp fall evening on the sidelines cheering my guys on.
The ones in the pouring rain and wind are only slightly less fun..but the umbrella will help.

This morning I'm off to coffee with Judy it's her birthday today.
This afternoon my mom's taking me to lunch for my birthday :)

Yep, I like birthday month!


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  1. It VERY rude to NOT invite me shelly!!! I thought you loved me........?