Monday, September 20, 2010


So you may have noticed that I tend to run hot or cold. Of course, since the few of you who read this already know me pretty well and this is not a new relevation. :)

This week I am committed to happy positive blogs.

  • I will not dwell on the fact that even though it seemed like Jeff had a really strong job lead and things were sailing along and everything seemed perfect until we heard nothing Wed, Thur or Fri...

  • I will not go out during this rainy time and scout for the driest bridge for us to move under..

  • I will not complain about my wonderful, adorable, healthy, intelligent children

  • I will not complain that I can't remember the last time I lost a pound...( oh, wait yes I can, I had giardia and as soon as I was better every pound returned to me!)

  • I will not complain about grading papers even though I am giving a test on Tue which means I will have a pile to grade this week!

  • I will not complain about laundry...

So I'm sure you are all very relieved to hear the news. :) Nothing but positive, happy, lovely, blogging :)



  1. It will be a great week!! I'm going to share your positive approach too.

  2. THANK YOU for making me feel batter!!!
    Just what I needed a good laugh before I crash into bed tonight! :)
    p.s. please don't move under a bridge... :) and don't bother going out in the rain... unless it is to watch your boys play soccer! just sayin.

  3. I mean better...
    I guess all those cupcakes went to my head!