Tuesday, September 28, 2010

teenagers everywhere...

So what's it like living with teenagers in the middle of nowhere for 4 days?  Well, you learn lots of new things....like the rhythm game called "big booty"

You also watch them do things that you used to do. The pool looked so fun, but  there is no way I'm getting into a bathing suit in front of  a bunch of skinny teenage girls! I wish I had the self-esteem to go there but my son is most likely thankful I don't!

Teenagers demonstrate that soccer can be played barefoot.  I grimaced every time someone kicked the ball!

While living with teenagers for 4 days you find yourself climbing really steep hills before the sun comes up.  As you are climbing you notice that you are the most red-faced out of breath person around...But then you also notice your one of the oldest and pat yourself on the back

That's me on the far right.  The red faced one...

The funnest part about spending 4 days in the middle of nowhere with a bunch is teenagers is you get to share really cool moments with them.  Like watching a sunrise and hear them singing praises to God.

Or listening to them open up about their thoughts about God

Or watching you son walk around with a box on his head???

I would have been really sad to have missed this moment...

Teenagers will show you how to be fearless

It was amazing to stand below and watch the kids jump out to the bar.  It was hard for most of them...I think they would have had to call the firemen to get me down...

Teenagers are amazing and inspiring and really cool people.  So full of potential and life.

So to answer the question...it was an amazing experience.  I was blessed by my time with them.  We have great kids!

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