Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Night Court

Recently I had the opportunity to spend sometime in night court.

I hadn't been to court for a long time and I wasn't there because I was in trouble...
I have to say it may be a more interesting place to people watch than even the airport!

I had tried to dress appropriately even though I would not be appearing before the judge. I made sure my phone was off, not vibrating. I made sure my belly button wasn't showing...

To put it simply I am astounded at what some people choose to wear when appearing before a judge in a court of law.

Oh how I wish I had my camera!! I thought I would share a list of observations of their clothes from my visit to Battle Ground night court.

1. I don't care how flat your tummy is or how perky your breasts are please don't show up in a tight pink camisole...especially when you are chilly!

2. Why would you stand before a judge in a bright green T-shirt with the words "GOT DIRTY?" written boldly across your chest???

3. Compared to the two above the "Huntin Bucks and Drivin Trucks" seemed tame

4. This one I'm not positive of, but the man stood before the judge in a T-shirt that read "powered by ouzo" Isn't that a type of alcohol? Maybe I'm wrong I hope so. He was there to discuss his progress in Alcohol treatment....

Besides the interesting outfits I learned a few other things

1. If you flip a police officer off do not then defend yourself in court by saying "I didn't know it was a cop" and then state you were exercising "freedom of speech" it really ticks the judge off!

2. Don't even try to argue against your speeding, moving violation, whatever ticket. The judge will ask your side of the story in a board, I don't care what you are gonna say way, and then read to you what the police officer stated. If you continue to argue with the judge he will simply reread what the officer said. If you continue to argue he will read it again, he's very persistent. He will tire of you and find against you EVERY I'm just saying...don't bother.

3. Don't expect the judge to look deeply in your eyes and determine if your of good character. He barely looked at anyone and I'm positive there are several he didn't see at all. So if your counting on charming him forget it.

4. And I guess based on #3 it doesn't matter what you wear to court...


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