Monday, September 13, 2010

Me and my Ty guy

On Friday Jeff and Josh left for Boy's Club camp out

This left Ty and I home alone

Ty who used to be mommas boy has in the last 6 months definitely moved his camp to dad's side. Which as I have read is perfectly normal. It may be normal but it breaks my heart a little each time I see it...

When I leave for the weekend Ty gleefully says "yea, guys weekend!" When he found out he was being left home with me this weekend his response was more subdued...

So I had to plan to win him over. Bribe my own child. Yes, I'm not above bribing my own child. He was gonna have fun with me darnit! Of course, like any man the way to his heart is food. Tyler loves Sweet Tomatoes. I'm not a fan but I thought I would go for it and we would have a date night Friday night...I think it went well. He happily scarfed unlimited mac and cheese and pizza sticks...and we even had some conversation. He is a quiet guy. You have to wait for him to talk. But all in all I felt we were off to a good start...

On his way to bed he asked, "will you make me french toast in the morning?" He had me and he knew it..."Of course baby!"

So Sat. morning I made some french toast and scrambled eggs. He smiled and said "thanks mom" Of course in this area I'm just keeping up with his dad who has completely spoiled him by making him hot breakfasts all the time. But I think I got some credit...

On a side note, I made his breakfast with my favorite spatula. I love this spatula. I don't know why some people think I aught to throw it in the trash. But it's special to me. It's been in our home since the beginning and like me it no longer looks as pretty as it once did but it has become my "go to" spatula.

I'm so proud and excited to have another soccer player in the family! Preslie or "Lulu" as I call her, had her first game on Saturday. Ty and I showed up and had fun rooting her on.

It so adorable. Like miniature people running around on miniature fields so cute! Bless thier hearts they could not remember which way to run with the ball.

Look at her! She's got talent! Love her!

So our friends Shan and Galen suggested we go for a bike ride along the Columbia on Sat. so after the soccer game we loaded up and headed out. Ty has a brand new bike so it was a good opportunity for him to really try it out.

And a good opportunity for my reluctant friend Shannon to go for a bike ride! What a whinnier!

Love you Shan, you did good!

You can see Ty on his new bike to the right.

And then we went for an airplane ride....NOT

Sunday we lazed around and waited for Jeff and Josh to get home. We are just happier when we are all together...

So how did I do??? Well I know when I come home from a weekend away, Ty greets me with what food they ate and what movies dad let them watch....

I didn't hear him talk about what we did but I did see him smiling this weekend and I did hear some "thanks mom".

I will be gone in two weeks on a school trip. I have already heard Ty talking about his 'guys weekend' with his dad...sigh....

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  1. I am NOT a whiner! Ok.......well......maybe a little. I think MT butt still hurts. :-)