Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Club saves the day

So the Flashlight Literary Society meet last night. It was my one year anniversary since joining and I was given a 10 finger WoooHooo which I really appreciated!

I love these girls. I love being in the club. I love that they make me laugh after a hard day.

It was a hard day. I can't go into details because I will get myself in trouble but it really was a hard day.

Sometimes people step on your heart without knowing it...I realize that, but then there are days where you feel like you are being trampled....

Those are the days that should always conclude with a book club meeting filled with yummy food, relaxed atmospher and most of all warm and witty women. It will pick you up!

Thanks ladies! I value each one of you!

1 comment:

  1. Shelly... I SECOND that opinion!!!
    and btw, even though I don't comment every day....
    I {love} your blog!
    SO SO SO thankful that we voted to include you in book club, you are a fabulous addition.
    p.s. You are going to love this new book!