Friday, August 13, 2010

Pet Peeves....

So summer is almost over already...not really, not according to the forecast, but according to the calendar school starts in a week and a half! Or if your a teacher it starts next Monday!!!!!

A List of My Pet Peeves

1. School starting during the hottest part of summer

2. Going to school on any day that is 80 or higher

3. Slow drivers in the "fast" lane............WHY?????

4. The word moist....I really, really don't like it...I'm also not a fan of the words pleasant and panties....

5. Anything sticky.....yuck!

6. Repetitive tapping, snapping, popping, stomping, anything that happens over and over again, unless I'm doing it...then it's OK ;)

7. When I have the camera up and ready to shoot and someone sticks there hand, face, leg, etc in the way. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

8. Really loud bass. The kind that rattles you in your car when you are three cars away...

9. Small, yippee, barky, annoying rat dogs....

10. Baby talk, unless its to a sweet adorable baby, then its OK, otherwise please don't do it!

11. This just happpend so I had to log back on and add it. Beginning a receipe and halfway through it, after you have committed to it you discover you are missing a key ingredient!!


  1. That is why you always get all rhe ingredients gathered before you start.