Monday, August 30, 2010

They grow up so fast!

This little guy melts my heart! Where is he? Where did he go?????
I remember when I had two small boys people used to tell me "it goes by so fast". I thought yea right I bet you slept through the night last night.... But it really, really, does go by fast....and then you wonder...

Exactly when was the last time I picked him up?
When was the last time he reached for my hand?
When was it that I read him a bedtime story for the last time?
When was the last time I washed his hair?
and how on earth did I not notice it was the last time???

Yesterday my little guy with the amazing brown eyes turned 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have two teenagers in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven help me!!

I'm proud of my little man and I realize it's a good thing that I don't have to wash his hair each day ( although I would love to comb it!!!)

Several people including myself have commented on his deepening voice. I heard him say with some irritation this weekend "isn't it supposed to do that!" Yes, baby it's supposed to do that but no parent is ready for it when it actually happens!

He's growing up just as he should and I love who he is.


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