Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So we had a busy, busy weekend...
Besides having family and friends over to celebrate Ty's birthday we had Youth water ski day on Yale lake...
I had a very important job to do....I have to drive these guys around the lake. I have to drive in such away as to make them all think they are about to die but actually keeping them safe...its tricky... There is great pride in being known as the best tube puller and I intend to hold that title on Yale Lake.
I live to make Emmett scream like a girl....its really very easy :)

I also love to look at the pictures and see their faces. Emmitt never smiles bigger than when he's on a tube. Jacob is always laughing and having a great time. Sammy I was worried about...she looked scared to death! She had never been pulled behind my boat before and she had a death grip on the tube. I stopped more than once and asked if she wanted back in the boat but she claimed she was having fun...

But I don't only pull tubes. I also love to give them a chance to board behind our boat. It is so fun to watch and see what they can do

And they can do some really cool stuff!

Makes me wish I was a teenager again....

But that's OK, someone has to drive the boat :)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the temperature...
When we put our boat in at around 1 pm it was 60 degrees!!!! These kids are tough! I didn't even bring a suit!
However, the water was flat all day so it almost made getting into the freezing water worth it! But if these kids are sick this next week I don't wan ta hear about it!


  1. They sure look like they had a blast! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. It's great to see my boy doing cool stuff and having fun! I've heard before that you are a great boat driver!

  2. I'm entirely too proud of that title! ;)
    Jake is a blast on the boat. He is always grinning ear to ear :)