Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oaks Park

So mom or Nana as she is known around here called and suggested that I gather up two of her three granddaughters and meet her at Oaks Park for some fun. Not that she doesn't love the littlest granddaughter but that booger isn't a big fan of us...why? We are so cool and fun??? Anyway... I made Josh come along because if I didn't he would have just laid in his bed all day and then been up all night and then complained the next day how tired he was....Besides, he loves those little girls and they loves him...its sooooo sweet!

Frog hopper is a favorite with the girls. It tickles their bellies. Makes me want to vomit...

Nana rode several rides with the girls. I get sick watching the Merry-go-round, go round so I guess maybe I'm not such a cool Aunt.

They hold hands...isn't that cute! I never held my brothers hand unless I was forced to. Sisters are just adorable. I love listening to them chat in the backseat while I'm driving. They have so much to say to each other.

Nana is a cool, hip Nana

Lulu, as I like to call her, is a big fan of the Jonas Brothers. She can name each one. I can't. Again not a very cool Aunt

Josh is a cool big cousin. He rides the rides with the girls making them feel safer. I love that! Look at how Boo is looking at Josh. He's her hero ;)

Isn't that the cutest thing! It just melts my heart!

That's pretty cute too!

So glad to be living close to family! It is such a blessing

And I will be calling Oaks Park to request they put in a strawberrykabob stand ASAP!!

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