Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Beginnings....Same old waiting...

Yesterday I moved into my new office...well, I began the process. I love to nest. But for the first time I did it with some hesitancy. I have wanted to be back at CAA for years. I can't believe I'm actually going back...But I'm trying to be realistic...This is most likely only for one year.

So as I move in I want to make it my own. I finally have a place to put all my boxes of teacher stuff that have been piled in the garage. But then I think...this is a lot of work. But who knows how long I will be there? I am truly grateful even if its only one year.

Jeff interviewed for a job yesterday. I was hopeful that this 8 months of waiting, drama, roller coaster riding would end. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course there is more waiting to do

Have I mentioned how much I DESPISE waiting??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Mr. Optimist who I love but also find annoying at times like this, is very positive after the interview. Saying it went well.....all I heard was they aren't making a decision until the end of August....August just started!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So this is what goes on in my mind.

"It's gonna happen, I know it. He won't be able to find a job, we will use all our savings, use all his retirement, have to sell the house at a loss, file bankruptcy, take the kids and move into a box...."

I'm a bit dramatic I know.

But I also know that there are so many people in a worse situation than we are in and I just keep wondering if we are heading that way...

So more waiting.

So time to think positive

1. Jeff is working for sure until December

2. I have a job that is enough to pay for Josh's tuition

3. We are all healthy

4. We are not living in Florida or outside the NW!

5. Jeff has interviews to go to and is being considered

6. Jeff and I love each other and have a strong marriage and will celebrate 22 years in Dec

7. Family and friend support


  1. You are so right Shelly! There are so many things a lot worse than moving into a box! Way to keep the positive first!

  2. Keep the faith! You can always move in with us, there is PLENTY of room! Shan