Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strawberrykabobs and cowboys

Jeff wanted to go to the fair last night to see my pictures. He's very supportive that way and I appreciate it. I was happy that he wanted to go but I would have said "no let's not pay for parking and entrance just to look at pictures you've already seen" but I had alternative plans... OK so this will be my last strawberrykabob for probably a year...so I'm enjoying it!

The kabobs are sold right next to the grandstand and it didn't take me long to notice the cowboys....riding bulls no less! These guys are nuts! And they wear chaps...

So Jeff and I sat in the stands with my kabob and watched the cowboys for awhile.

I didn't know the cowboys were in town. I was wishing I had brought my real camera...

There were lots and lots of cowboys....

But this one took my heart! Oh my goodness he was so adorable! He had it all, spurs, chaps, boots, buckle, hat so so cute!
There has always been a small part of me that wished I was a cowgirl...its a small part, I know its not realistic I don't think mucking out stables every morning is my thing ;)

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  1. My oh my, there is a LARGE part of me that is a cowgirl! Wishes I could be an active cowgirl! I LOVE THE HORSES and COWS and COWBOYS!!!!! Yeah baby! They are hot in there chaps and hats and boots! YUMMY!! Even BETTER than the kabob!