Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fort

I went for a walk last night with my friend...She had never been to Ft. Vancouver...weird! You can't live in this area for as long as she has and never have been to Ft. Vancouver...It's like living in Washington DC and never visiting the Lincoln Memorial ( my favorite!) or living in Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower...well maybe I'm exaggerating..but it's the biggest historical monument that Vancouver has so maybe I'm not.. Obviously this friend had the misfortune of not growing up here in the Vancouver area...because there is no way possible to grow up here and never have been taken to the Ft. on a field trip or two..
I didn't realize she had never been or we would have gone during operating hours...but I think its prettier this time of day...

I had never noticed the weather vain on top there. I had never noticed the beaver...Is this historically accurate???

Honestly, my favorite part of the Ft. is the wonderful garden they have growing out front. I was so busy noticing what they had growing that this was the only picture I took. But they have lots of carrots (the bunnies were enjoying them) pumpkins, flowers, lettuce (bunnies there as well) peas, beans....
Look at this gorgeous tree! It has been around a long time! Think of all the wonderful history it has seen! The people that have sat under it for shade...I want one in my backyard!

So now my friend can say she has been "to" the Ft. but still not officially "in" the Ft.
If we had moved to Florida this would have been the first week of school for my boys...we would have been trapped inside with air conditioning, we would be missing the beautiful NW and our beautiful friends and family.
We would however have a job for Jeff...
I'm not lying its a stressful time...but at least we get to be stressed in a beautiful place with beautiful people!

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